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Quite often pain affects the foot, the ankle or lower limb but we can’t see anything on the surface that this could be attributed to.  Especially if how you experience your pain is linked to activity and movement, it could be that you have a mechanical or structural problem in the lower limb that our specialists can investigate for you and help manage your treatment plan towards getting you pain free.

During your assessment:

  • We will ask you about your medical history
  • We will ask you about your physical activities and any previous injuries
  • We will assess your lower limbs seated, standing and walking to begin to form a picture of how they are functioning
  • We will provide Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging to look for changes in the structures of the lower limb
  • We will assess your footwear
  • As part of your assessment, we may (with your consent) liaise with your other medical professionals and GP to gain as much information as possible to help get you the best plan possible towards becoming pain free.

Our aim is to provide you with:

  • A diagnosis – an understanding of what structures are affected and how, how the injury or degenerative change has occurred.
  • A plan – a clear pathway of what action your Podiatrist agrees with you to help you manage your pain. This might include rehabilitative exercise, changes to footwear, the use of orthotic insoles or other devices and a plan for further treatment having discussed the options most suited to you.
  • A review –this is a journey and we are here to support you throughout and so following your assessment / treatment we will invite you to book a review appointment so that we can assess your progress and adjust your plan as necessary.

This assessment is the gateway to advanced services including provision of Casted Bespoke Orthotics, Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injection, and Shockwave Therapy.

Conditions that would benefit from this type of advanced assessment and subsequent treatment include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Tendon or ligament problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Flat feet
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Bunion
  • Arthritis

Assessments with Podiatrists Mark Brooksbank and Geoff Hyne.