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Verrucae are the same as warts on any other part of the body but on the feet they are called Verrucae Pedis. Verrucae are very common and occur frequently in children and people with a lowered immune system.

They are usually pain free and in general podiatrists only recommend treatments when they become painful or an issue. They often look like small cauliflower lumps on the feet and can also contain small black dots in the middle which are capillaries. You may have a single or multiple verrucae.  Verrucae are caused by different strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and like any virus, it needs your immune system to see it and then respond to it, in order to resolve the verrucae.  This means that all of the treatments for verrucae aim to damage the environment where the virus is and stimulate your own immune system to deal with the problem.

If you have explored home treatments and found them unsuccessful but you are still concerned, or the verrucae is still painful then you should contact us to arrange an appointment with a Podiatrist.

Your Podiatrist will discuss with you the suitable treatment options which might include:

  • Conservative treatment including debridement and advice on self care.
  • Cryotherapy – a freezing treatment using specialist equipment.
  • Verruca Needling – a minor surgical procedure under a local anaesthetic.
  • Verrutop – a course of treatment with the application of Verrutop, a caustic.

It is important to understand that successful treatment of verrucae depends very much on how your own immune system responds to treatment.  This means that results of any type of treatment for verrucae are variable and success cannot be guaranteed.


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