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Orthoses are medical insoles that fit into your footwear and are prescribed following your MSK assessment.  By improving the mechanical function of the foot and ankle we can manage and reduce the symptoms and pain that you have been experiencing.

The use of orthoses along with other rehabilitative measures (for example targeted exercise or Shockwave Therapy), can help with symptoms affecting the foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back.

We work with a lab that is able to provide an excellent range of orthoses. The exact device prescribed for you will be determined by your level of activity, the types of activity you take part in, your footwear and of course the design needed to improve your foot and ankle function and meet your medical requirements.

Here at The Foot Clinic we prescribe orthotic devices as part of a package that will include taking casts of your feet, developing the appropriate prescription to be used with your cast, provision of the orthotic and a review of your progress at an appointment about one month later.  Sometimes orthotics require small alteration to meet your exact needs and these alterations if required are included in the cost of your package.

If you have any questions about how Bespoke Casted Orthoses might help you please contact us or book your MSK Assessment to start your journey towards managing and reducing your symptoms.

Bespoke Casted Orthotics are provided by MSK specialist Podiatrist Mark Brooksbank.