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Some of our clinicians are able to use Diagnostic Ultrasound in order to view live images of the structure of the foot and ankle.  We can look at changes in the tissues, and areas of damage or swelling in order to help us understand your condition and the symptoms or pain that you are experiencing.

When we use Diagnostic Ultrasound, we use a probe that emits sound waves into your body, similar to pregnancy ultrasound. Waves of ultrasound are then converted into an image to allow us to see structures within the foot and ankle.  It is a safe and effective way to assess injury to muscle or tendons within your foot and ankle.

We also use ultrasound imaging to help accurately guide a Steroid Injection to reduce pain, inflammation and manage your symptoms.

Diagnostic Ultrasound imaging is offered as part of our MSK Assessment.  You can contact us if you have any questions or book your MSK Assessment online.

Diagnostic Ultrasound imaging is provided by specialists Mark Brooksbank and Geoff Hyne.