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Following a positive test for a fungal infection and discussion with your Podiatrist, you may choose this treatment plan.

A number of tiny holes are drilled painlessly into the nail allowing topically applied Lamisil antifungal treatments to reach the nail bed and treat the infection.

We offer a package for this treatment to include the procedure itself followed by three review appointments at 8 week intervals for nail care, the removal of as much infected nail as possible, drill further holes into the nail if required.  We will also provide you with the antifungal medications you will need to apply throughout the course of your treatment.

This treatment may be recommended particularly if you would like to avoid taking oral medication and where the infection is not likely to respond well to using Curanail or Loceryl laquers, or other medicaments applied only to the top surface of the nail.

Your specialist in Nail Fenestration is Podiatrist, Rachel Sheppard.