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This is the option for the routine care of your feet and treatment of common problems.  From the removal of corns and hard skin (callus) to the conservative treatment of verrucae and ingrowing toenails, or advice on the management of fungal infections.

During this appointment we will answer any additional concerns you have, so for example if you have noticed any changes in your feet, any lesions or signs of infection now is the time to ask!

For those of you with diabetes or higher risk feet this is the go to appointment for your routine care, we can manage your footcare and keep a look out for signs of changes that might indicate some concern

As part of your first appointment, we will take a full medical history, carry out a vascular and neurological assessment of your feet, and provide you with the treatment that you need.  In discussion with yourself we will be able to help you make appropriate decisions regarding your future and ongoing treatment plan.