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Thickened nails

There are many different causes of thickened toe nails. Fungal nail infections and intermittent trauma to the nails are the most common form of thickened nails.  Age is another cause of thickened nails, metabolic changes and reduced circulation to the nail can contribute to the thickening.

Other causes of thickened nails include:

Psoriasis – a long-term condition that tends to also cause red, flaky patches of skin

Long-term pressure from shoes that are either too small or too narrow over the toes

Reactive arthritis – where the immune system parts of the body following an infection

It is important to have your nails checked by a Podiatrist to investigate how and why the nails have become thickened. If your nails are painful due to thickening there are a few simple treatments our Podiatry team can do to relieve your symptoms or improve the appearance. We can re-shape the nail, reduce the bulk, cut the nails appropriately or remove the nail.