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Podiatry fees

New patient assessment including standard treatment: £43.00

Standard Treatment: £38.00

Diabetic Foot Assessment including report to GP: £25.00

Musculoskeletal Assessment: £95.00

Bespoke Orthotics to include provision of orthotics, fitting, review at 1 and 12 months: £325.00

Guided Steroid Injection to include procedure and review: £250.00

Shockwave Therapy initial package of three treatment sessions: £195.00

Nail Fenestration, Lacuna Method 6 month course for fungal nail infection: £200.00

Cryotherapy for verruca: £38.00 + £10.00 per cartridge of gas

Verrutop for verruca: £38.00 + £10.00 per vial of medicament

Verruca Needling to include procedure, first and second reviews: £220.00

Nail Analysis to test for fungal nail infection: £35.00

Treatment with Local Anaesthetic Injection: £95.00

Nail Surgery – one toe to include surgery, redressing and review: £350.00

Nail Surgery – two toes to include surgery, redressing and review: £450.00

Home Visit – New Patient Assessment (including standard treatment): £46.00

Home Visit – Standard Treatment: £41.00

Additional charges may be made for the use of some dressings, paddings or other materials, and for the provision of bespoke silicone devices