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When a nail becomes infected by a fungus, certain characteristics can develop – discolouration, thickening, brittleness – but it is not possible to tell from visual inspection is there is fungus present.  Trauma, a yeast infection, or other conditions can mimic the appearance of a fungal nail infection.  A diagnosis can be confirmed with a test.

Your Podiatrist can take a sample from the affected nail and then we use the services of a microbiology laboratory to process testing for us.  A test will confirm whether a fungus is present and what the organism is, which is important to get the right kind of treatment.

As part of a routine treatment your Podiatrist can often improve the appearance of the affected nail.  To tackle the infection itself you might want to consider over the counter medications you can apply yourself, a course of treatment (Nail Fenestration) provided by here at The Foot Clinic, or oral medication which we can ask your GP to prescribe following a positive diagnosis from a test.

The cost of testing is additional to your Routine Treatment.