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Fungal infections

Fungal infections can affect the skin of the feet (Athletes Foot) and the toe nails.

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection of the skin that can lead to intense itching, cracked, blistered or peeling areas of skin, redness and scaling. It can occur on moist, waterlogged skin, usually between the fourth and fifth toes initially, or on dry, flaky skin around the heels or elsewhere on the foot. Large painful fissures can also develop and the condition can also spread along all five toes and sometimes to the soles of the feet if left untreated.

A fungal nail infection has usually spread from the skin and gradually becomes established as it spreads through the nail bed.  Once in the nail and nail bed the infection becomes much harder to treat and a successful outcome might take several months.  There are a number of treatment options ranging from topical medicaments to highly effective oral medications.


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