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Diabetic feet

If you have diabetes it is important that a Podiatrist assesses your foot health regularly.  Diabetes can significantly affect the feet.  It affects the nerve and blood supply and reduces the ability to heal.

If your diabetes is affecting your feet you might notice a loss of sensation, often starting at the toes.  This loss of sensation is known as  peripheral neuropathy.  Sometimes, the loss of feeling in the feet can also involve a burning sensation that can be irritated by the wearing of shoes and socks and is worse at night. A loss of sensation may mean that you don’t notice small cuts, breaks in the skin, infection or other problems developing.  Regular treatment helps us identify any changes that you need to be aware of.

In our diabetic assessment we will check your ability to sense pressure, temperature and vibration as well as your circulation.  We assess visually for any signs of concern and we will also assess the category of risk that your feet fall into.  With your consent we will usually pass a copy of your assessment to your GP.

If you are an existing patient with diabetes you can book an appointment for your Diabetic Foot Assessment. If you haven’t visited us at The Foot Clinic before you should make an appointment for a First Assessment and Treatment and if needed we can provide a Diabetic Foot Assessment for you during the appointment.


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